Soulful Conversations: Unveiling the Art of Spiritual Direction

What is the motive for our life? A earlier blue-print that followedthe engineering, architectural thoughts-set of the originator, who musthave existed earlier than humans did. Even though, everything consists of‘building blocks’ all matters can only exist if their OUTCOME, or FINALSTATE is understood, before the building starts offevolved. Many, unfortunately not all,human beings recognise that.

Which architect is going out and throws a unmarried brick at the floor andthen waits for (hundreds of thousands of) years for the constructing to randomly builditself, so he can subsequently draw the blue-print? Who is the inventor ofthe first vehicle? Did he do the identical? The car includes parts. How doeshe know, which elements to throw on the floor, so in hundreds of thousands of years thecar will randomly ‘shape itself’, without having a pre-fashioned image ofthe finished automobile? The solution is easy, he is NOT an evolutionist, andrelies on Creation, first in idea of proposal, and then inword, or bringing forth of innovative vibration (currently still ‘paintings’).

How does the seed know what to do, if the tree isn’t already in it?

Engineers, architects, inventors, spiritual director and philosophers are, consciously, ornot, using the principle of limitless advent within God’s optimumnecessity. They first increase their recognition, appearance beyond the materialexistence of factors, and produce forth new things thru the combinationof their cutting-edge recognition, instinct and suggestion. However, theircreation, the only locked into the human thoughts, is flawed, constrained andobsolete, even earlier than it starts. Or has something made of human resourcesever been constructed that did now not in the end fail and vanish?

What do scientists, researchers, statisticians, medical doctors, legal professionals have incommon? They deal completely with matters as they supposedly ‘are’ now.They poke the previous apart, analyze and shift from right to left, andback, things which can be out of date, and whose life is a end result offormerly wrong cognizance. Will they ever find the fact? You tell me… Ithink it is not possible.

How come that during a building buzzing with scientists of all kinds

The Physicists are generally the calmest, maximum grounded, continuously finding,uncovering and information? For they, previously ‘materialistic’, havecome to understand that NOTHING can exist with out a PRIOR BLUE-PRINT. Theyalso understand that there’s no DIRECT interdependence among human(interpretative) idea and the matters that exist. Creation took placeindependently from human idea. And that previous advent blanketed allthere is, for the whole thing IS permeated with wise quantum-packets.

My conclusion is that to us things turn out to be visible in direct relation toour AWARENESS of them. That’s all. Humans do NOT CAUSE anything toexist, for the whole lot already is. Most Physicists accept as true with in introduction.Their findings always show it. All that people can do is explore,play with and revel in that which already IS, backstage, betweenthe traces and beyond the cloth lies the reason of all. That cause isimmeasurable, invincible and indestructible, or PERFECT.

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