April Ground is truly talented and an incredible Interior Decorater and Home Stager. She has a natural talent, a very creative eye and is extremely passionate about what she does. She went above and beyond her role and exceeded our expectations...... very courteous and personable. We truly appreciate all of the hard work she put into helping us stage our home to sell our property. The exceptional and personal service she provided is unsurpassed!

Thank you April!

Peter and Kathryn Mah

With very limited time and budget, April magically transformed our dated family home into a beautiful contemporary house. I would highly recommend April's services -- she is an amazing professional!

Colleen Mulholland Vice President,
Marketing & Communications

I’ve hired April Ground of Creative Eyes to work on three different projects over the past years. Two of these projects were commercial and one residential. I was thrilled with the results every time.

April has a unique gift for creating a professional, warm atmosphere with colours, fabrics and accessories that are perfect. The other thing I really enjoy about April is that she successfully mixes and matches expensive items with economically priced items and they all look fabulous. There is no one I would prefer working with than April—she has made every project enjoyable and even years later my clients still comment on the beautiful offices she created.

Thanks April

You have made my life so much easier and my office a pleasure to be in everyday.

Julie Flippin The Julie Flippin Center

Home Staging

Once you decide to sell your home, it is no longer really yours—it is now a neutral palette for others to imagine their own lives, their own dreams. To get the most out of your home sale you need to de-personalize the space, make sure it is clean and in good condition, and present it in such a way that potential home buyers will feel that they can move in and begin the next stage of their own lives with minimal work and hassle.

Whether you are the homeowner or a realtor, April Ground will stage the house to help sell it quickly and for the highest price possible. April brings a level of professionalism to home staging that is not often seen. She has a keen eye for colours and spaces, and she is extremely budget conscious, with excellent skill at re-using and repurposing existing elements and furnishings.

Home staging includes:

  • de-cluttering (storing away personal items, removing any unnecessary furniture and accessories, etc.),
  • repairing any damage around the house
    (on walls, baseboards and doors, etc.),
  • cleaning everything (particularly windows),
  • painting as required to make spaces warm and clean but relatively neutral,
  • modernizing light fixtures and cupboards as required,
  • furnishing with appropriate pieces (in good condition) for each space,
  • accessorizing to enhance the image without creating too much clutter or specific personality.


Dress Up Your House for a Successful Sale

Homeowners have two primary goals when selling a house: Do it quickly and for the highest amount possible. They are obvious objectives, but not always easy to achieve.

House hunters are increasingly savvy and, with the huge popularity of home makeover shows and decorating magazines, expectations are getting higher and higher when it comes to the design and maintenance of a prospective house. Does yours have what it takes to pique interest and spark a bidding war?

Not everyone is born with great taste or the vision to create a model home, but everyone wants to make top dollar when it’s time to sell. That’s where professional house dressing or staging comes in.

The practice—which involves everything from tweaking decor to completely reinventing a house with new furniture, paint and accessories—wasn’t prevalent a decade ago, but today stagers, primpers or fluffers, as they’re also known, are the demigods of real estate, as homeowners seek higher returns on their biggest investment.

Kathy Wardle, a realtor with Bosley Real Estate in Toronto, swears by house dressing. “Sometimes it’s added up to $100,000 (to the closing price). For others, it just makes it sellable.”

Set the Stage
“That first 15 seconds upon entering a home, people will form an impression,” explains Brenda Paul, an agent with Irena Bell Real Estate in St. Catharines, Ont. “In a slower market, staging will help sell a home more quickly. In a busy market, it’ll help sell for more money.”

“You’re selling more than a house and four walls,” she says. “You’re selling a dream and a perception of a lifestyle.”

Using decorating techniques and a variety of tools, from stock furniture to experienced handy people, home stagers bring the dream to life and set the stage for potential buyers to envision themselves and their belongings in a house.

Spend Money to Make Money
Investing 1% of the asking price into fixing up a house is a general guide, says Paul, who charges anywhere from $150 for a consultation and five-page report to $3,000 to dress a house fully with furniture and accessories. (Painting and repairs done by a third-party contractor cost extra.)

While no one can guarantee a house will fetch a specific price or sell within a certain time frame, experts insist staging has a positive influence.
Paul cites a Victorian house in Toronto that sat on the market for six months at $569,000 but sold for $612,000 within a week of a detailed overhaul that included staging the dining room for an elegant (but imaginary) dinner party.