Have you ever wanted to make a change in your home but knew you were creatively challenged, well that was me. I had bought my first home and after 10 years of procrastinating I finally asked for help. I got in contact with April, from Creative Eyes and she came in and talked with me for awhile to find out what I wanted done. She has a way of getting you to talk so that she can find out what YOU DON’T WANT and then she helps you discover WHAT YOU DO WANT. April has a wonderful way of looking around your home and figuring out how best to utilize what you have and then incorporates them with new furnishing or whatever is required. This all keeps the expenses down but gives the elegance I wanted.

April does it all, She has a real gift in knowing what the client needs.
She picked out paint for all my rooms, made excellent suggestions for modernizing the ceilings and lighting. If she couldn’t do it herself, she has a contact that can do the work in the same style and professionalism as she works.

April also helped me to de-clutter…. Yes, that was a challenge but once again I had complete faith in her as a person and as a professional. I have loved working with April, she not only creates, she teaches and that means a lot to me.

I can honestly say everyone who comes into my home has wonderful things to say about all the renovations April and I have made. She truly did a makeover from paint, window coverings, floors, counters, washrooms, pictures, a hundred different kinds of knick-knacks to add warmth , convenience, and luxury. Oh yes, she also helped me with landscaping and remodeling my of patio. That is another service April provides and was REALLY helpful, because I wanted my outsides to look as good as my insides.

 Linda F.  Barrie, Ontario

Colour Consultations

Colour is one of the most powerful elements in our lives. Good colour choice defines the character and mood of a room. Strong, rich colours can make a room feel warm and elegant. Brighter colours can make people feel energized, while softer colours can create calm.

April Ground’s sense of the right colour combinations is widely recognized as a specialty in her work. She has a strong feeling for the right colours for a space, for the tone her clients are looking for and for her clients’ personalities. April will help you choose a theme and carry it through your room, home or office, from paint colours to fabrics to window coverings to flooring to furnishings.

Colour Consultation Results
Before Home Pre Consultation
After Home Post Consultation